Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats

Cyber security means the protection of data, network and system in cyberspace. Security issue is a critical and vital issue for all business. It is a dangerous world out there in the world wide. All of us need to pay careful attention to our computers and networks security. Cyber security threats are an increasing issue for organization and people the world over.

Cyber security threats worms, Dos, Trojan horses are well known as denial of service type of attacks. Those threats are used malevolently to consume and destroy network’s resources.

For identifying and mitigating threats correctly we have to be ready with the proper security protocols and tools to do the job. Different kinds of cyber security threats are available. Such as Malware, means malicious software. It is program code and annoying software. A small piece of software name computer virus which can be spread from one infected PC to another. Pharming is a common type of cyber security threats.

Cyber security threats phishing is used frequently as it is easy to execute and can produce the result they are seeking for with very little effort. Another common way is spam. Spoofing is used in conjunction with phishing in an attempt to steal our data. Attackers created a website and email address which is look like it comes from legitimate source.